The Good Wife S3E11- What Went Wrong

This was one of my favorite episodes of TGW. Everything about it was just amazing, I didn’t find any parts that were pointless. That it was the last episode of the year, it definitely went with a bang no doubt. The second half of the season is going to be great with how they just left things now. I first want to start off by saying this episode made me smile and piss me off too!

Now lets get into some of my favorite parts. The first thing I noticed was how Alicia went and got Kalinda in the beginning of the episode! Finally! The episode was about a lady who got ‘guilty’ by the jury and it didn’t make sense. Cary and Dana were curtain they were going to lose and so did Lockhart/Gardner, but when the verdict came it was guilty. I knew there was going to be arguments between both Diane/Alicia and Cary/Dana. I can’t stand Dana, she has been getting on my nerves since she’s been getting more screen time. I knew Kalinda was going to finally have her screen time in this episode! I did love Kalinda putting Dana in her place and the smirk she gave when Dana threatened Kalinda.

I didn’t like how Cary was this week (well every week I can’t stand him), but this week I wanted to slap him. I don’t get why he arrested Kalinda, I feel like he did because she got in the head of Dana or because she doesn’t want to sleep with him. I did love Alicia standing up for Kalinda and Cary’s face when she told him to get Kalinda out of jail he must’ve shit his pants. I was screaming when Alicia did that.

This episode the main characters put there foot down and I loved that. When Alicia went to the guy Grace was with and told him off, but found out Kalinda already did that and she actually found Grace and brought her home. She finally sees what a great friend Kalinda is, especially that she noticed in this episode she doesn’t have any friends. When Alicia confronted Kalinda I was so happy and that things are finally patching up!(:

One of my favorite scenes was Peter and the principal/administrator. I loved that he finally put his foot down and told her off. You can just tell he would do anything and I MEAN anything for his family. One of the reasons why he did back off from the investigation towards Will. Speaking of this, I hope Will and Peter team up and take down Wendy Scott-Car. She’s an evil person, I kind of did see it coming because the whole Will investigation would get no where. Anybody else notice how Alicia still has no clue what is going on? When will Peter or Will tell her what is going on? I have a feeling Kalinda will.

I loved the whole Girl Power Diane had with Alicia. I was laughing so hard and Alicia looked so confused. Do you think Alicia figured out Diane knows about her and Will?! Diane can give great speeches. How do you feel Alicia being a partner?! Do you think she might leave Lockhart/Gardner and work with Canning to be with her family more? Totally forgot my favorite scene was when Alicia volunteered to help Kalinda in the investigation. The smile Kalinda had made me smile! The gang is back and been waiting for this for a long time. I was hoping Alicia and Kalinda getting drinks in the end, instead of Diane!

So many questions for this upcoming season and even though its only 5 weeks away, countdown is to begin! The writers did an amazing job with this episode and can’t wait to see what will happen next. Do you think Will and Peter will work together? DO you think Alicia is going to go back to Peter or Will? When will Alicia find out what is actually happening with the investigation? Will Alicia leave the firm? We will find out hopefully with the rest of Season 3. Let me know your thoughts!


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