Dexter S6E11- Talk to the Hand

This weeks episode of Dexter was insane. I don’t even know where to begin. This is by far one of my favorite seasons of Dexter and I believe it has topped Season 1, but not holding out just quite yet seeing how the finale goes.

The Doomsday Killer(DDK) is out and on his 4th DDK which is warm wood and only Dexter knows him better than any other person searching for him. One thing I loved was that Dex actually worked with Miami Metro instead of doing everything on his own. He did such a great thing, especially that he saved Batista’s life. I can’t stand Quinn, I never have and how he has been makes me hate him more. They need to kill him off, no joke! I’m glad Batista finally put him in his place, hopefully this was a wake up call to Quinn.

I wonder what the nerd intern is up to. I mean everyone is so occupied with DDK, has anyone else noticed the intern?! Why is he sending Dexter the Hand and what was up with him talking to Dexter about how he helped him actually act out instead of just playing video games??? I wonder if he meant that he’s going to be a serial killer now!

My heart was beating so fast when I saw that lady(can’t remember her name) with warm wood in the backpack. So happy Dex found out at the last minute. What is up with Deb having that dream of Dex? I did see it coming that she always is talking about him, but hope the writers go in a different direction, as Deb finds out Dex is a serial killer but for the good reasons and doesn’t look at him differently.

I can’t stand Lagueta and what she did. I hope they kill her off too because she pisses me off. I feel bad for Matthews and that he yelled at Deb, hope he finds out it wasn’t Deb but that little Bitch! Did anyone else heart beat really fast when Dex was in that water of fire? Even though we know he will live that the season has been picked up for 2 more seasons. I was afraid something would happen to him.

Has anyone else noticed this season we only saw the kill room about 2 or 3 times? And actually been used.

Next episode(season finale) looks really good. I hope Harrison and Batista’s sister will be ok. I don’t want her dead, I actually like her. I kind of hope Dexter doesn’t kill Travis, just that he did that already with the Ice Truck Killer. We see Dexter on the ground screaming NOOO and Travis with a knife and holding Harrison. I want the Miami Metro to come right after that! That will be an epic finale and then Debra finding out about Dexter and letting him kill Travis. That would be AMAZING!

What did you think of the episode?! Leave comments!(:



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